Mock Interview Reflection

1.How did you feel while you interviewed a classmate?  Do you believe that seeing an interview from the employer’s perspective makes you more prepared or not?  Please explain.
i feel very good and learned very much. yes, it make my prepared because they might asked  them in the interweave.

2.How did you feel while you were interviewed by a classmate?  Did you feel anxious, nervous, scared, prepared, overwhelmed, confident, etc.?  Please explain why you felt that way.

i feel very cam. i don’t feel nothing.

3.How do you feel about your responses?  Do you think your responses to the questions were adequate or do you feel you could have done better? What question did you find easy?  What question did you find difficult to answer?

i feel very good. i could better. the question is easy is the goals.

4.What advice would you give someone who is participating in a mock interview or a real interview? What advice would you give yourself; in other words, how do you think you could improve for your real interview?

in real interview i will do better. i will use stances.

5.Yes, I know these mock interviews weren’t real, so imagine how you would perform in the interview if it was real.  What have you learned you need to do to be better prepared?  How should you dress for an interview?  How should you behave before, during, and after an interview?  What should you bring with you to an interview?

do better. dress up. very nice and happy. things.

6.Evaluate the activity.  Be honest.  What do you think was good about this class activity?  How do you think we could improve this activity for next time, next year? Do you believe this is a skill you do need or do not need in real life?  Please explain.

good. none. yes you need all this in the real life.

7. Take one of the 20 interview questions below and write a response that would be GOOD and one that would be BAD, then explain the difference with reasoning. It’s always good to practice job interview questions so that you become more and more comfortable.

the good is How do you feel about working with others and as part of a team? i will worked with in a team and finish my worked or help other teams. the bad is what is your goals for long term. my goals in the long term is doing my best and finished high school then go to college.


job shadowing

  1. What did you learn from your presentation?

their are good job out their.

  1. How well do you think you did on your presentation?

i think my presentation is in the middle

  1. What are some presentation techniques that can you incorporate into your next presentation?

get better pictures because the some picture off the internet and take them.

  1. What if anything, could you have done differently to change the outcome of your presentation?

none because I did good in my present ion and do my best in this project.

  1. Finish the following statements:
    • I wish that I would have more info in my job shadowing and talked better.

New Year’s day holiday

I puck New Years day because it is a new year and have fun on that day. We celebrate new years because it celebrate the new years and new start. we celebrate by fireworks, parties and special events, which are often televise and it start at midnight. The specific is culture and religion because this start in 1582, the person that start the holiday is Pope Gregory XIII. we celebrate this holiday becasue it start a new year and we celebrate for 435. “These are usually promises to themselves that they will improve something in their own lives. Common New Year’s resolutions are to stop smoking or drinking alcohol, to lose weight, exercise more or to live a healthier lifestyle” (New Year’s Day 2) This quote meaning that people put goals after the we celebrates and some goals are loss weight or don’t drink or new start of your life. “It marks the end of New Year’s Eve celebrations in the United States and gives many Americans a chance to remember the previous year.” (New Year’s Day ) this quote meaning that people remainder the past and see what they need to improve or what they they need to do batter. and

black history

This is Martin Luther King, Jr that lead the black against the people hate the black. He helped the black. He said that I have dream that the black and white could play together. He make the African-American civil rights movement to begin and they won the right to things what they want to do, to vote people in to. He make the Constitutional Rights Foundation and make the black the right to vote. In nonviolent protest and that cause the bile of rights to black people and then the right to vote. He cause the women to protest to and cause the right to woman and black people. He die April 4, 1968. He was killed by James Earl Ray. James Earl is racist and small-time criminal, Ray began plotting the assassination of revered civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther king is influential because he start the Africa right movement. He influential the woman to do the rights and can vote. He survive assassinations two times but he die from by a boy who hate the Africa. He survive against the KKK who is very powerful back then. He start nonvolatile movement that change the united states of american for every and begin a age where people protest against things that they don’t like.


Superbowl ads

The purpose is to be funny, serous and help animals, others. The audience is for teens, parents, lovers and others. The stance is wild, love and others.They went people save animal and not killed them. the animals are important for all life. 


It about food, candy, scary things and cars or movie.  This ads or video is very funny because when Alex lose her voice and the replacement are very funny. the snakes is funny because the snakes tiered to a humans because of the likely penny.

they went people to buy Doritos and they have many different them. The other one they tried to show that any one want the Doritos and have fun. the one with the car the man stole a kiss someone and get punch in the hand and have a blacks and blue eye.

Social Issue Research Topic

What is your social issue?

My social issue is should the electoral college be abolished.

Why is it such a social issue? What do people disagree about in relation to this topic?

This is a issue because this system resided who the leader of U.S.A president. People disagree relation to this topic because their a lot of solution but the solution should be that the people agree not the party but the people.

What is your proposed solution? Why do you think this is the best solution?

My proposed solution that they abolished the electron college because the people do not have the voice but the party that controlled the state and the system is not democracy because the party controlled the power not the people. The best solution that a system count the people that who vote then you use that to see who his the president of american

What are pro to your solution?

The pro solution to abolished the electoral college but the cons is that you don’t abolished.

What are cons to your solution?

That you don’t do anything.

Any questions to your audience members for help on your topic?

Do you agree or disagree that  the government make cuts to public spending in order to reduce the national debt? why or why not?Please give comment about the question.

Do you have any recommendations of sources, links, videos, data, etc that I could utilize for my research paper on this topic?

How do you think I could improve my argument?

Please give comment about the question.


This picture is a basketball. I love basketball because i could played with my friend and to worked out but I hate lose with my friends. my classmates make music, basketball, spinster, player set, others and a person. The spinster looked very cool because it almost the real thing. I brainstorm what is the easy thing to finished and what is hard to finish or easy to make. I did not draft the play-doh because i already know what to make. I did not edit they picture because it looked good. The purpose of this  picture is very good games. Basketball is very important because i could show to my friends or to girls and have fun with my friends or family. My classmates think it looked bad and i agree because it looked bad but i don’t care at all.  The audience is very good about the picture and the creation. The design is very good and bad in the sometime. The assignment to make the a design about how you feel in pay doh.  the others classmates are very good or very cools things. This related to my life because i played basketball every Sunday or others and i played very good with the ball or to move with the ball and run every thing i have to win the game and my team worked. My team works is very bad because i like to win and not pass the ball to team meats at all. I like my classmates picture very much.

Word Blogged

I love playing war games because it fun or funny in the same time and you could played with friend, make friendship with people. I love play playing sports because it is fun or funny sometime and a worked out to. I choose the money the money system because i love money.

Should the US increase or decrease foreign aid spending?

In the isidewith website, I picked a topic should the US increase or decrease foreign aid spending 14% said yes but 73% said no. I said no because we need fixed your own country first then help other country and people. The US should not increase the foreign aid spending because we are in big budget and budget deficit. We should not give foreign aid to country that do not fall the rules from the united nation or war crime against the people or other country. We should caught foreign aid to country that rights violation and are dictatorship country or  killed their people to say in power. We should not foreign aid to country that sport the terrorist